Account Starting Balance Statistics

Here’s a look at the starting balance of each account right as it is created.  Since accounts are created from one another, they must be funded initially with some amount.  The minimum used to be 20 Lumens and now it is 1.

First some quick stats.

  • Average Starting Balance = 306464
  • Min starting balance = 1.00
  • MAX starting balance = 47326939370
  • MEDIAN starting balance = 49.99

There are a couple of huge balances, but most people fund with the minimum.

The graph below shows a histogram in 100,000 lumen buckets.  Most accounts are super small (1-50), so I had to plot it on a logarithmic scale to show any detail at the higher amounts


Here is a zoomed in detail from 0-200 Lumens starting balance.  As you can see most accounts meet the 20 minimum limit, with some at 1.


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