Account Creation

Accounts in Stellar must be funded from an existing account before they can be used. In API terms this is creating an account. In the beginning there was only one account, the so called account Zero. It’s magic number is ‘GAAZI4TCR3TY5OJHCTJC2A4QSY6CJWJH5IAJTGKIN2ER7LBNVKOCCWN7’. From this a second account was created (GALPCCZN4YXA3YMJHKL6CVIECKPLJJCTVMSNYWBTKJW4K5HQLYLDMZTB) and ever since there have been lots of accounts created. As of January 30th, 2018 there have been 308510 accounts created.

Here is a graph of the number of accounts that were created each day:

There are three significant increases in the number of daily accounts created.
The first was at the beginning of time in the Stellar blockchain (November 2015). At this time a Kraken, Bittrex, and Ripplefox account was created.

Later around May 2017 we see the creation of BTC38, eQuid(EQD) tokens, Changelly, and Exrate accounts.

Lastly, near the end of last year (December 2017) we see the rise of some larger exchanges like Binance as well as a general increase in the number of uses at the previously created exchanges.

Here is a graph of the biggest parent accounts with some names attached to the accounts I could publicly identify. The largest one I call ‘Stellar Example’ because it showed up in some example code.

Let me know in the comments if you have questions or are interested in other Stellar blockchain statistics.

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