Account Starting Balance Statistics

Here’s a look at the starting balance of each account right as it is created.  Since accounts are created from one another, they must be funded initially with some amount.  The minimum used to be 20 Lumens and now it is 1.

First some quick stats.

  • Average Starting Balance = 306464
  • Min starting balance = 1.00
  • MAX starting balance = 47326939370
  • MEDIAN starting balance = 49.99

There are a couple of huge balances, but most people fund with the minimum.

The graph below shows a histogram in 100,000 lumen buckets.  Most accounts are super small (1-50), so I had to plot it on a logarithmic scale to show any detail at the higher amounts


Here is a zoomed in detail from 0-200 Lumens starting balance.  As you can see most accounts meet the 20 minimum limit, with some at 1.


XLM Rich List

Inspired by sim1981 and similar information at, here are the top 20 riches accounts.  I only have identified a couple of them, I assume the top ones are related to the Stellar organization.

And since the Stellar account can hold tokens, someone created a token called XLM.  This is not the same as Stellar Lumens, although someone might treat them as equivalent.  I call them fake XLM’s since I don’t know where they come from.  Here are the top 20 FAKE XLM account holders.

If you have a favorite token you want me to look at, let me know!  There are 437 different tokens in the block chain, but most of them are only in a single account.

Account Parents and Children

Since a new account must be funded from an existing account, I’ve modeled the existing accounts in terms of parents and children.  Since accounts can be merged, a single account could actually have more than one parent at different times.  This is uncommon, but has happened in the existing blockchain.  The directed graph below shows accounts as nodes and the parent-child relationship as edges.  The node size is relative to the number of children.  The nodes with no children have been removed from the graph since there are so many of the childless nodes that it obscures the other data.

In general, there are a few large parents and lots of small parents.  The large parents tend to be related to or an exchange that trades Lumens.


Let me know in the comments how else you would like to see the data represented.

Account Creation

Accounts in Stellar must be funded from an existing account before they can be used. In API terms this is creating an account. In the beginning there was only one account, the so called account Zero. It’s magic number is ‘GAAZI4TCR3TY5OJHCTJC2A4QSY6CJWJH5IAJTGKIN2ER7LBNVKOCCWN7’. From this a second account was created (GALPCCZN4YXA3YMJHKL6CVIECKPLJJCTVMSNYWBTKJW4K5HQLYLDMZTB) and ever since there have been lots of accounts created. As of January 30th, 2018 there have been 308510 accounts created.

Here is a graph of the number of accounts that were created each day:

There are three significant increases in the number of daily accounts created.
The first was at the beginning of time in the Stellar blockchain (November 2015). At this time a Kraken, Bittrex, and Ripplefox account was created.

Later around May 2017 we see the creation of BTC38, eQuid(EQD) tokens, Changelly, and Exrate accounts.

Lastly, near the end of last year (December 2017) we see the rise of some larger exchanges like Binance as well as a general increase in the number of uses at the previously created exchanges.

Here is a graph of the biggest parent accounts with some names attached to the accounts I could publicly identify. The largest one I call ‘Stellar Example’ because it showed up in some example code.

Let me know in the comments if you have questions or are interested in other Stellar blockchain statistics.

Stellar Addresses

Like most blockchain based digital currencies Stellar has a public and a private key.  The public key always starts with ‘G’.  The private (or secret or seed) key always starts with ‘S’.


One other unique item is that Stellar accounts must be created and funded from another account before it can be used.  Just having a public/private key pair is not enough to use the account, it must be created first.

As of January 30th, 2018 there have been 308510 accounts created.



Stellar Resources

Here are a few good resources for checking out Stellar.


What is Stellar?


Stellar | Move Money Across Borders Quickly, Reliably, And For Fractions Of A Penny.

Stellar is a distributed, hybrid blockchain that is fully open-source. It is infrastructure that exists to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value, including payments. With just one integration into the Stellar Network, you will join an open, global financial network where all actors – be they people, payment networks, or banks – have equal access & economic participation.

The default currency of Stellar is called a ‘lumen’, which can be bought and sold on several digital currency exchanges.